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Current Projects 



Capacity Building Initiatives to Strengthen a Provincial Women's Multicultural Organization Aimed at Women's Equality through Gender-based Services, Phase 2
Funders: Department for Women and Gender Equality

April 2023 - March 2024
Developed a sustainable succession plan for MWONL Board Members in Central and Western NL, including role review, gap analysis, and targeted recruitment. Strengthened hybrid/online capacity, finalized board documentation, and conducted provincial recruitment initiatives. Engaged the community through data insights and collaborated on strategic program planning for upcoming years.


Fostering Diversity, Anti Racism: Bldg. Welcoming Com. Through Intercultural Education Training
Funders :Labour Market Integration and  Newcomers

Dec 11,2023 - August 30,2024MWONL focuses on "Intercultural Competency and Anti-Racism Education" to support Newfoundland and Labrador's growing newcomer population. Addressing challenges newcomers face in adapting to NL's culture, we aim to foster communication, organize Cultural Exchange Events like "Cultural Fusion Fest" and "International Food Showcase", and promote cross-cultural understanding to create an inclusive and harmonious community. 



Bluedrop & True Blue

June 1,2023- March 30,2024


Gender-based violence Project for Newcomers and Immigrants
Funders : 

January 1,2024- March 30,2024
At MWONL we are aware of the challenges that immigrant women (or those who identify as women) face every day, and there are many unreported violence happening. Our goal is to support them when they require, to make them aware of the different supports they can have access to and train them on that important topic. To achieve this goal, we are linking efforts with different organizations to work in partnership to support newcomer women to make GVB programs more effective. Your involvement will be valuable
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