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Strategic Plan 2023


Deepen our understanding of the needs of our target population throughout the province.

1) Goal: Develop a robust data collection process and capture key information about our members and other participants.

2)  Goal: Expand board to include members outside St. John’s. 


Articulate the added-value that MWONL brings to our members, community, and other internal and external stakeholders.

1) Goal: Introduce standardized evaluation and training in evaluation to staff

2) Goal: Identify and assess communication strengths, gaps, and needs to support a high-performing organization.


Ensure MWONL has a diversified and sustainable funding strategy.

1) Goal: Continue work on responsive financial reporting

2) Goal: Explore and develop new partnerships, potential funders and opportunities

3) Goal: Develop a fundraising plan that supports our operating budget goals.

4) Goal: Explore creation of a social enterprise

5) Goal:  Explore getting Charitable Status


Build Organizational Capacity

1) Goal: Board recruitment and retention

2)  Goal: Staff recruitment and retention

3) Goal:  Continued development and maintenance of processes developed from WAGE

4) Goal:  Increased digital literacy

5) Goal: Develop a financial reserve policy

6) Goal:  Develop a risk management policy

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